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Nickolas G Calkins
Marijuana Attorney
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This Marijuana Attorney practices a trifecta of marijuana law.
Since 2015, Nick is being the best marijuana attorney he can be by helping his clients win DUI and Family related cannabis cases. He is in good standing with the Michigan Bar and is a member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.  Nick is a self-proclaimed passionate and gritty marijuana attorney.  He enjoys speaking to his clients and generally helping them. He believes cannabis should be accepted into society just as alcohol is. If you have a question for a Marijuana Attorney, Nicholas G Calkins is your go-to guy!

Your personal Marijuana Attorney.
driving under the influence of cannabis
Meet the Marijuana Attorney Nick Calkins
If you have been looking for a marijuana attorney, you are in the right place! Whether you have  cannabis related legal questions or are facing a cannabis-related charge, you can find the answers you seek here at This site and company were founded to help connect cannabis patients and business owners to legal representation that’s specific to their needs.
Nick Calkins is a dedicated and aggressive attorney with a focus on cannabis-related cases. Nick is the  founder here at which is located in Lansing Michigan. Nick specializes in cannabis specific family law matters such as child custody and drug abuse allegations. He is also fluent in the laws and legalities surrounding cannabis licensing and the transport of cannabis.
Nick is an outstanding attorney with a successful career record. He maintains a positive standing with the Michigan Bar and is also a member of NORML as well as the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. Nick claims that he is a gritty yet passionate marijuana attorney with a focus on patients’ rights. Nick has 
been representing clients in Family and DUI cannabis-related cases since 2015 and possesses extensive  knowledge surrounding cannabis laws in the state of Michigan. As you will see below, Nick has been helped to represent clients in a plethora of different case types with great success.
DUI / DWI / Drugged Driving
Marijuana-Related Family Cases
Marijuana Business Licencing
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